02 June 2013

Govt flying training school takes wing again

The Government Flying Training School (GFTS) in Jakkur, senior officials said on Friday has got the approval from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and has enrolled the first batch of students.

“We have about ten students and will enrol the second batch in four months,” a senior official said. Currently three aircraft and two instructors, including chief flying instructor Wing Commander Amarjeet Singh Dange and procurement of a microlight aircraft and twin-engine aircraft will be done shortly.

GFTS offers two programmes—Commercial Pilot’s Licence  (CPL) and Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) and a Student’s Pilot Licence (SPL) programme to become eligible for the former. 

The duration of CPL course is 24 months which includes compulsory minimum flying requirement of 200 hours. The duration of PPL course is approximately 12 months requiring compulsory flying of minimum of 40 hours. GFTS, which came under DGCA scanner in 2011 even though it had seen no activity since 1997. It then underwent a fresh round of scrutiny by DGCA, which granted its approval on May 3.